Friday, October 28, 2016

October has been an eventful month! We had one of our biggest blocks yet covering the autonomic nervous system and the cardiovascular system, and we take our next exam over the renal block on November 1. The ANS/CV block was pretty extensive but one of the coolest features was our CV simulation lab. We gathered in a mock hospital room and "spoke and treated" an interactive dummy. We had to ask the dummy questions about his lifestyle, any drugs he was taking, etc. and then had to make therapeutic decisions based on his answers and the ECG reading. It was truly an interesting experience and was a great way to apply much of the knowledge we learned that block in a clinical setting.

I have been continuing my volunteering at Kipp on Fridays this month, although I only made it twice. I had to leave town one weekend to attend my aunt's wedding in Austin so I missed one session then and then another Friday this month Kipp had their fall break so the school was closed. On my first visit of the month we unboxed many, many, many large cardboard shipping boxes full of novels and literature. We then had to number the inside front cover of each set of novels sequentially so that the teachers would know how many copies of each novel they had and to help teachers keep track of the specific copies students were using. It was tedious but I understand that by taking care of these menial tasks we allow the teachers more time to actually teach.

My second trip to Kipp this month came today. Not many people could make it out today so Jared and I held down the fort and tackled some very challenging tasks. We spent three hours with scissors, glue, and construction paper creating life size slices of pizza. The staff managing us were quite busy and didn't explain what these giant paper pizza slices would be used for, but we were happy to oblige. After making the pizza slices we were then tasked with cutting out thousands of paper "Kipp dollars" from printed sheets of 12. They serve as a currency for the students in the school to use for prizes and students receive the dollars for various achievements.

Aside from school and volunteering, the weather is finally beautiful. It no longer feels like we are living inside of steam room, in fact the temperature has been in 70s with a light breeze lately. Some of my classmates and I have been taking advantage of the weather to play golf and a group of us just attended our first Pelicans game (New Orlean's NBA team). Unfortunately it was a loss.

That's it for October, see you in November!


Volunteering Hours for October:
KIPP: 5 hrs

Cumulative Volunteering Hours:
23 hrs

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