Friday, September 30, 2016

I can’t believe another month in New Orleans has gone by. Our recent block exam was challenging and the information it covered was quite in depth. Much of the focus was on arrhythmias of the heart and other cardiovascular issues, and it was challenging but rewarding. My volunteering at Kipp Leadership Academy has continued this month, as well. My first visit was spent preparing standardized test packets for each homeroom. This involved placing pencils, test booklets, and the answer sheet for each test in a box and delivering it to each homeroom. My second visit to Kipp involved passing out the monthly classroom supplies for October for each homeroom. We pushed a cart through the hallways and distributed paper towels, Kleenexes, Lysol wipes, pencils, glue sticks, and two paper easels to each class room. My volunteering at Kipp continues to be a rewarding experience. The school is focused on the elementary level but even at such a young age the school declares the goal to be college acceptance. I think the school’s mission is very noble and it has been an honor to help the teachers out in any fashion possible.

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Volunteering Hours for September:
KIPP: 4 hrs

Cumulative Volunteering Hours:
18 hrs

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