Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Well November has come and gone, and the semester is almost over. I'm going to need father time to take a chill pill or five because my time in New Orleans is flying by. Our two blocks this month were the renal block and the pulmonary block. I made it out to Kipp three times this month. My first two trips were comprised of the continued perfection of my filing abilities. Our group was placed upstairs in an administrative office (more like a large closet full of filing cabinets, though) and we were put to work. Every student at Kipp has a folder in that room and it was our job to place a sheet of paper with updated contact information, allergy information, and other fun facts in each students file. Not the most mentally stimulating task but it frees up time for the administrators and teachers to focus on more important things so we were happy to oblige.

My third trip to Kipp, on Friday the 18th, was definitely the most thrilling. This time a few of our group were tasked with cleaning out some nasty refrigerators that hadn't been cleaned all semester but luckily a few other and me got there early and were able to take charge of the arts and crafts directive. It was our responsibility to cut and assemble several large floor-to-ceiling length paper Christmas trees. Getting the proportions and dimensions right was actually more challenging than some might imagine but nevertheless we were able to accomplish our goal. We used green construction paper for the tree and brown construction paper for the trunk. This was the perfect task to have on the session before Thanksgiving break and really kicking off the holiday season. This is my final blog post of the semester but I will acquire a few more volunteering hours in December which I will update at the bottom of this blog post.

Volunteering Hours for November:
Kipp: 6 hrs

Volunteering Hours for December:
Kipp: 2 hrs

Cumulative Volunteering Hours:
31 hrs