Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What a month! February sure has flown by, but it makes sense since there's only 28 days! My volunteering really took off this month, but not for the best of reasons. A very destructive tornado touched down in East New Orleans and caused massive amounts of damage. It was surreal because we would see a house completely fine, some looking clean even, and directly across the street a house would be destroyed to its foundations. My part of New Orleans, Uptown, was completely untouched so it was shocking to see the damage that had occurred only 45 minutes away from me. Several classmates and I joined with the Red Cross to walk around the disaster area and do damage assessment of people's homes. It was to help them determine how much financial assistance they might receive from the Red Cross. We spent an entire Thursday out there and then some time on Saturday morning as well. It felt great to help these people in terrible circumstances in our local community.

Volunteering hours for February: 18
Total volunteering hours: 18